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The classic board games are always a hit, and this is something that developers of games and mobile applications have learned. These tend to stand out for their simplicity and because it makes us spend hours of fun without us noticing. Among all those that there are, the most popular are the letters, in which you will have to put all your imagination to be able to form the words that will earn you the most points. Among all those out there, Word with Friends stands out, the fun Zynga proposal that proposes this version of the mythical Scrabble.

The way to play is very simple, the players will have to put together their words, horizontally or vertically, and trying to get the maximum number of possible points in each turn. All the letters have a score and if you manage to make certain combinations you can make them multiply or triple, getting a clear advantage over your rivals. These are the basic rules that everyone knows about the classic game and what will help you learn to play Word with Friends very quickly. One of its characteristics is that you can move around the board and form your word as you want, using enhancers that will help you.

However, each of the games in this game is unpredictable. Even if you are a newbie or a veteran, the end result can be quite a surprise. It will depend on how lucky you are to receive your chips and how well you know how to use them, so it is essential that you rake your brain to get the best combinations of letters. Download Word with Friends for free, you find it available for Android and iOS devices.

With this version you will find a game experience totally different from what you imagined, with renewed graphics and many more challenges. One of the main differences of Word with Friends and that makes it special is that you can play up to 40 games simultaneously, although you must be careful so that the letters do not dance and you can win in all of them. There are different game modes, from the individual challenge in which you challenge true masters of words to games with strangers on the other side of the world.

In the individual challenges you will be able to know what your level is against authentic masters. Defeat as many as you can before time runs out, getting great rewards for your achievements. As you progress, you will see your rivals level up, which makes defeating them even more fun. Whether you win, or not, you can always try again after a while, or by paying with the coins you have won.

On the opposite side are the collaborative games in which teams of up to five players each are formed and in which all members contribute their ideas to form the words that defeat the opponents. This mode is a lot of fun, because it makes the game very social and collaborative.

One of the advantages of Word with Friends is that you can create your own games and choose your rival yourself, without the app itself assigning it randomly, this way you can challenge your friends or family and demonstrate your mastery of letters. You can continue playing even if you do not have a connection, which means that you can take it wherever you want, regardless of whether you have coverage, and continue playing your games without problem.

You must always be alert, both of the letters that touch you and the words that your rivals put, put all your mental agility on the board and get combos that make you win the games. In a word, it may be the key to victory, so do not let it escape. Apart from the classic board, the Word with Friends game also has a series of mini-games that will make you earn coins and power-ups that will be very useful in the games, since they give you the advantage of getting more help when forming the terms you want to add. Among them you will find radars that will help you point out words that you can add or even some that will allow you to change the tiles and get new letters.

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Word with Friends

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Individual challenges are a lot of fun.

- Collaborative team games.

- You can challenge whoever you want.

- Has its own ranking of players
- Failure to count individual logos.

- You cannot challenge the same person in a row.

- Does not recognize many words.

- Points don't add up well.

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