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Enjoying board games is one of the most beautiful entertainment traditions that human beings have. Spending hours facing different challenges that test our ingenuity, intellect and ability to design tactics based on a system of rules is a task as fun as it is stimulating for the mind. In addition, these activities are usually carried out with family and friends, thus strengthening ties. Fun, togetherness, entertainment, challenges, all of this comes together when we discover a board game. It can be a traditional proposal or a new design, but there is always someone who wants to help us have a good time.

The English studios Marmalade Game Studio decided to go one step further in the world of board games and sought to adapt the best of these for mobile. With a work that began in 2016, to date they have published the following titles: Clue, Sudoku, Battleship, Monopoly, Monopoly Sudoku and the saga of one of the great classics of the proposals for the whole family The Game of Life. On this saga they published The Game of Life, The Game of Life 2 and The Game of Life Vacations.
Bringing together the possibility of playing The Game of Life on Android and iOS means making one of the great classics of board games available to a whole new generation. The goal of the title, as the name implies, is to live a life. As such we will have to go through different stages of a person's life in which love, family, contingencies, educational, economic and professional events will arise. All this crossed by a great deal of chance and some strategy in the decisions we make.

When you download The Game of Life for mobile you will find a completely renewed version of this classic for the whole family. Enjoy this edition with 3D graphics, interactive mini-games and characters that come to life as you manage their destiny.
Also, one of the great advantages of the delivery of Marmalade Game Studio is that you can play The Game of Life online and multiplayer. In this way you will meet thousands and thousands of other fans of one of the most important games in history.
If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy the experience with your friends or family, you can do it with a local game. In this option the maximum number of players that can participate is three. You also have a quick game option in which you will have different conditions to achieve victory.

If you want to meet people, have fun with other users or share words with the people you are playing, you will have a chat room available where you can send your thoughts through emoticons during the games.
Marmalade Game Studio proposes to revive the classic board game on mobile phones, computers or tablets. The studios seek to produce this app that will be entertaining for all members of the family. So that the experience is not always the same and you do not get bored, you will have at your disposal different worlds to live the adventures. In the event that you acquire the season pass, you will get 7 new scenarios.
One of the tips to win in The Game of Life is to be careful. Not because you are ambitious you should be careless and thus run the risk of losing all your fortune, progress or achievements. While some proposals may be tempting, you should be cautious and think in the most strategic way possible. Chance will always be a factor in this game but you have to consider it too. After all, a bit like life itself.

Meet this app and one of the historic titles of board games for the whole family. Without a doubt one of the most entertaining, friendly and challenging products that exist on the market. With its new mobile version you will have access to many new options enabled by technology and developed by a studio that takes the adaptation of board games to mobile terminals and computers seriously and with commitment.
Try your luck in life and build your destiny wisely with The Game of Life.

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The Game of Life

Get last review 05.10.2022
- A must-have classic

- Add new elements to the original game

- Multiplayer option

- Great fun
- Connection problems

- In addition to being paid, you have to pay to get more content

- Sometimes you can't finish games

- Too much text

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