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Cats have always been considered one of the most popular pets, and at the same time, the most complex. Since the ancient Egyptians, the cat was associated with a series of attributes that made it almost a divinity. The spell that surrounds these animals is something that remains to this day, placing them as the true princes of each of their houses.

Its power is such that there are many games and mobile applications in which the kittens are the undisputed protagonists and with their own characteristics they will help us defeat our rivals, even if it is with meows. If there is one that stands out above the rest, and that has managed to sneak among the most downloaded, it is without a doubt the game The Battle Cats.

Defense games have always been a success for mobile devices, both for Android and iOS and this is because their particular styles go very well with the characteristics of these devices. The real challenge is to stand out from all the offer that there is, and that is where this title of warrior cats shines with more intensity, due to the uniqueness of its proposal, so do not hesitate and download The Battle Cats for free.

Developed by Ponos, it proposes us to join the battlefield together with an adorable army of kittens. But do not be fooled by appearances, each of these felines have their own characteristics that will make them unique in war, as well as a very crazy appearance.

Once you start playing The Battle Cats you will realize that it fulfills what was promised, with a very typical scheme of defense games in which your main mission will be to keep your towers safe and make your battalion go meet their enemy. There will always be two towers, one to defend and one to attack. It is known to all that a laser beam is the kryptonite of cats, so your fort will have a laser beam with which to destroy many enemy units with a single blow.

The real challenge you face is not your rivals, but knowing how to choose the right moment in which to advance your troops and calculate when to grow your defenses and your money. Every time you manage to demolish the enemy towers, you will be rewarded with experience that will help you level up and be able to buy upgrades for our battalion or the building. As you overcome the first levels you will unlock new units that you will be able to use in battle and you will be able to change the appearance of the ones you already have to make them more fierce.

You will have three resources that will help you with your pack of warrior cats: the tuna cans that will be our bargaining chip for almost everything, the aforementioned experience points and the R tickets, which are very difficult to obtain but which will help us to obtain exclusive items or rare characters. If you need more experience or money, you can always go back to repeat the levels that you have already completed, but you will not earn as much as the first time and you may spend points unnecessarily. These are very important for the war, so you have to think very well where you are going to spend them.

You will move through the game through a map in which all the available levels are presented, as you progress through it, new ones will be unlocked. Every time you start one you will spend a certain number of your points and if you don't have enough you won't be able to try to get past that screen. If you run out of points, do not worry, every 30 seconds it regenerates at a point that is added to your locker so you will only have to wait to be able to play again.

With some very successful graphics, one of the advantages of The Battle Cats can be found in its controls, which allow the user to play with the screen. In this it will appear at all times which buttons are the ones that will serve you for everything, from training your troops to using the cannon in your tower, so that you will have an extra ally in battle.

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The Battle Cats

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Very fast attacks.

- Has a large collection of collectible cats.

- She's got a lot of humor.

- Many levels available.
- The points to enter the levels run out fast.

- You have to wait to continue playing.

- It is difficult to find the perfect combination of cats.

- Some screens are too difficult.

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