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Discovering great games is a pleasure. Finding gems from titles known as "indies", from studies that may be less than their competitors is very satisfying. There are releases that do not expect to reach maximum popularity and still do. These examples often show that hits don't always have to be powerful games with stunning graphics. There is no guaranteed success.
Re-Logic together with 505 Games published one of the installments of this type. A game worth knowing and discovering. In 2011 they produced Terraria for computers, and the event first spread to consoles and now there is also the possibility of playing on mobile phones with Android or iOS.

Italian studios 505 Games are one of the most powerful in the industry. They have in their catalog participations in deliveries of the stature of Sniper Elite III, Rocket League, Death Stranding, Dead By Daylight, Portal Knights or Brothers: a Tale of two Sons. Some of them renowned mobile games.
Downloading Terraria for mobile phones will bring you closer to the possibility of meeting one of the great revelations of recent years. The game is a 2D proposal with elements of the RPG and the platform installments. The product has a similarity in its mechanics to Minecraft since we must survive, create and be ingenious not to die in a scenario that is generated randomly. Like Mojang's product, we find ourselves on an open world map that we can interact with. It is a delivery known as "sand-box".

By playing Terraria you will enter all kinds of scenarios. From deep caverns full of dangers to mines, beaches or mansions full of enemies. The aesthetics of each level is very particular, original and beautiful with its own style. You can also build your own world and unleash your imagination and creativity.
One of the best experiences you can have is experiencing Terraria's multiplayer. The new version that you can install on your mobile phone supports up to 7 users with whom you can connect through your local Wi-Fi or online. The company even offers a dedicated mobile server on its official website.

The handling of the characters and the controls are also optimized for mobile terminals and now you will have the chance to configure the controls the way you want. You can even change the arrangement of the buttons to move your protagonist.
The content of the 505 Games production is very broad. It has more than 300 enemies that you can face and steal their treasures. More than 15 final bosses with challenges in which you will have to put the best of yourself. A large number of objects to collect and discover that exceed 800 units and more than 20 maps and scenarios.
Among other advantages of Terraria is that it is one of the best titles for you to exploit your creativity designing worlds, building and planning scenarios. Enjoy advanced construction alternatives, simple to apply and easy to assimilate. You can design simple structures or advanced architectural samples.

Our advice and trick so that you can have a satisfactory experience with this app is that you let yourself be carried away by your imagination. It is a game that has a large amount of content that you will have to know and assimilate little by little. At the beginning you may find too much information but if you go little by little you can take advantage of the combinations of weapons and tools.
Terraria is a game for fun, thinking and being creative. Its non-linear structure means that each player can have their experience when it comes to getting the Re-Logic proposal together with 505 Games. Do not miss the opportunity to meet one of the outstanding revelations of recent years.

With a colorful delivery, with simple and beautiful graphics, you will not be able to stop playing in this world full of fantasy. If you want to play the mobile version you will not regret it as you can enjoy content fully adapted for this type of terminal. Let your imagination fly, live the adventure you want, carry out incredible battles and know the world of Terraria.

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Get last review 05.10.2022
- Very popular game

- The player has many possibilities

- Good graphics

- Excellent setting
- At first it may be too much information to assimilate

- Problems in saving game information

- Too many buttons on the controls

- Some drawbacks when starting the game

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