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It is not always necessary for a game to be complex, highly developed, or perfectly designed to be a success. Not all mobile app proposals that seek to entertain have to have powerful stories, complex scripts or prominent characters. Although the competition is great, there are many games for Android and iOS that are a success of sales, users and downloads with simple objectives. Ideas that are not very complex to develop but they are to fulfill. Challenges that will leave you glued to your mobile in search of adding more and more points, either to overcome your personal mark or that of a family member or friend.

If there is a video game development studio that knows how to make free apps and games that will become the success and passion of a large number of users, that is Voodoo. With more than 100 games released, accounting for 3.7 billion downloads and 300 million active users per month, it is one of the most important and influential firms in the industry. In addition, they not only dedicate themselves to carry out their projects but also collaborate with those who are in the development of an app or game.
Within their catalog they have resounding hits that have had thousands and thousands of downloads. To review some: Helix Jump with almost 600 thousand downloads, Color Road with 120 thousand, Crow City 224 thousand, the saga of and 2 with more than 300 thousand between the two and Balls vs Blocks with more than 226 thousand.

And among its productions there is also Stair Run, an app that we are going to talk about today and it is one of the most fun, entertaining and authentic. Like the previous installments, it is a free game that can be downloaded in the virtual stores of mobiles that have Android and iOS operating systems. Being free of charge, it contains advertisements that can be removed when making purchases within the platform.
Playing Stair Run will allow you to have many hours of fun with a very simple proposal. You have to achieve the most points by climbing stairs. As you progress you will collect bricks that are deposited on your back. Then you will use these objects to avoid obstacles and jump over cliffs. When you reach the end, depending on how many bricks you have available, you will multiply your score more or less. This means a great challenge both for you individually and if you think about surpassing friends or family.

The graphics, music and game mechanics are very well developed and maintain the quality of the products of these renowned studios. The way of playing is reminiscent of classics such as Temple Run or Subway Surfers in which with just a small combination of controls and movements you will pass the scenarios.
The maps are one of the highest points of the app since they are very colorful. They are made up of very simple and well-defined lines, but they manage to create an atmosphere that allows you to play for hours and hours while climbing these dangerous stairs.
If you need advice to play Stair Run you should bear in mind that one of the main factors you should think about having is patience. At the beginning you will lose many games and you will not score many points, but once you play and play you will develop skills and better control of the movements that will make you reach the top and obtain a greater number of points. Go little by little and do not rush. Start looking to finish the game without falling and then you will perfect your technique.

Stair Run is a simple game with which you will have many moments of fun, adrenaline and entertainment. It will invite you to improve your performance every time you start it and get ready to play it. Voodoo reinforces its image as an independent, austere and quality studio. With not very ambitious proposals they manage to achieve important results. This game will take you to enjoy moments of challenge and satisfaction every time you can beat your score. A separate point and to highlight is the graphic work that with simple lines creates a great climate.
Climb the stairs, enjoy the colors and don't fall into the void in another great installment of Voodoo.

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Stair Run

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Free download

- Interesting graphics

- Addictive

- Easy to play
- Contains many advertisements

- Can become repetitive

- At times very complex

- Simple controls

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