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Without a doubt, one of the great successes of mobile games of recent times was the Plants vs Zombies saga. The title became a franchise and a pop culture icon in recent years. A great variety of games have been launched for different devices, as well as audiovisual productions, clothing, toys and a wide variety of merchandising.
The first game was born in 2009 and was developed by PopCap Games. It is a delivery of the tower defense style. Very popular on computers and mobiles for its game mechanics. The objective is to defend a specific point on the map from waves of enemy attacks. Each troop that wants to destroy our tower or base has different abilities. In the same way, our elements to defend ourselves have different characteristics. We must employ tactics, strategy and foresight to prevent enemy soldiers from reaching our center. In the Plants vs Zombies saga, our enemies are friendly zombies that will fight with our fierce plants.

The franchise that is distributed by Electronic Arts has a variety of titles available for consoles, computers and mobiles. Among them we find: the first installment from 2009, the Nintendo DS version from 2011, Plants vs Zombies 2 from 2013, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare from 2014, Garden Warfare 2 from 2016, Heores from 2016 and Battle for Neighborville. Each of them has editions for Android and iOS.
If you want to play Plants vs Zombies for free, you can go for its second edition for mobile phones. It is one of the best installments of the PopCap Games saga and has all the elements that led the franchise to success. Being a delivery that can be downloaded for free, it contains advertisements, but these can be removed when making purchases within the platform.

By playing Plants vs Zombies 2 you will find all the fun of this title that is already a classic. On this occasion the theme that guides the game is time travel, so you will have scenarios throughout different moments in human history. This gives variety to both the zombies that will attack you and the plants that you will use to defend your base. There are more than a hundred characters available for you to discover both plants to defend and the zombies that seek to attack you. Also remember that all your defenses can be improved and thus discover skills in each of them.
As you play more and more and free battles you will get seed packs. With these objects you can fuel your defenses. Use them to make more powerful attacks, speed up your planting time, and gain new abilities.

One of the biggest fun when playing video games is competing with other users. Now you can play multiplayer in Plants vs Zombies 2. The Electronic Arts installment has a mode called “Arena” in which it will be measured which user scores the most points during a game. Whoever wins will receive important prizes, advantages and benefits. There are different leagues that you will access according to your score.
The second installment of the acclaimed game has 11 worlds available. Among them you will find Ancient Greece, mighty Egypt or a mysterious future. You have more than 300 levels to discover, events every day, content that is constantly updated and challenges to solve.
If you still don't know the Plants vs Zombies saga, its second installment is a great opportunity to do so. Discover this free game and spend hours and hours enjoying the best scenarios.

The challenge is to overcome the waves of enemies. Take as an advice that you have to be very proactive about the enemy troops entering the battlefield. Do not spend all the resources in the first moves and take care of your advantages and special abilities. Consider what types of enemies are looming and plan.
Discover Plants vs Zombies 2, another wonderful installment from PopCap Games with Electronic Arts. Travel back in time, meet hundreds of characters and compete with friends and other users. All the best of the success of this tower defense title is in this installment.

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Plants Vs Zombies 2

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Free download

- A classic for mobile

- Variety of characters

- Game that grabs you for hours
- Presence of ads

- Somewhat repetitive

- Can get very complex

- Multiplayer could have improvements

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