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 Rescue your friends from the clutches of these supernatural beings 
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There are many role-playing games that unite adventure, mystery and legends in the same title, it is something that we love. We all know a story that breaks the normal patterns and that attracts millions of people for being something that is beyond what we can understand.

Urban legends blend with ordinary stories of everyday life and it is this characteristic that makes them a myth that we all want to know. There are all kinds of supernatural stories, some terrifying and others funny, there are even those associated with video games.

That is why there are so many mobile applications and games related to this genre. The last great premiere and that has caused great expectation in the short time it has been in the market of the main virtual application stores. We are talking about Os Caçadores de Lendas, which makes you a true adventurer hunting for the best stories.

Get into the role of its protagonist, Renato García, who together with his friends will set out to walk the streets of his city to find the best urban legends. This group is known as Los Cazadores de Leyendas and they live in a city in the interior of Paraná, where there are a lot of abandoned places where supernatural beings roam freely. Download Os Caçadores de Lendas, you find it available for Android and iOS devices.

Renato is a very brave boy, unafraid of the paranormal forces that live around him and who has a true passion for mystery and the unknown. But all this changes when the entire group of friends is captured by these same powerful monsters that they have hunted when trying to communicate with a very powerful entity.

Only Renato manages to escape at the last second due to something strange that happens and his mission will be to rescue his friends from the evil forces, no matter what he has to suffer in the process. This is the main story and from which you will start the adventure, building your own story.

With a very retro aesthetic, with the game Os Caçadores de Lendas you will go back to the best days of platform games. All its maps and characters are in 8 bits, which will delight the most classic With very careful graphics, the game increases the level of difficulty as our hero Renato manages to overcome each of the screens and defeat the different final monsters that come our way.

It is divided into different stages and each one of them will have its own aesthetic and legend, so that you will also learn about these supernatural stories while having fun. Once you free your friends, you will be able to unlock new skills that will be very useful in the following screens, so you have to be very attentive and manage to control them perfectly to make your trip a little more pleasant. As you get your friends back, you can change the protagonist, selecting these hunters to test these new capabilities.

In addition to these skills, you will also find collectibles with which you will earn coins that will help you buy customizable items, so that you can change the appearance of your character or buy new equipment.

From the beginning you can dress Renato however you want, there are many options to choose from, such as an explorer or even a dinosaur costume. Each one of them will have its own equipment, so you must choose the one that is most comfortable for you to move and fight against monsters.

It is not the first time that a group of young Legends Hunters has been seen, it is a classic of the genre and there are millions of books, series or board games with this theme. It is something that attracts the most adventurous no matter how old they are. We must add that historically people are attracted to the unknown, causing everything we do not see to cause us terror and attraction at the same time. That is why Os Caçadores de Lendas has managed to break all the records in such a short time, because it brings together in a single game everything that fans are looking for, the mystery and the style of classic platform games.

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Os Caçadores de Lendas

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Map and characters in 8 bits.

- High level of customization of the main character.

- Classic game mechanics.

- You can change characters as you unlock them.
- It can become repetitive.

- Very similar screens.

- Very basic graphics.

- The level of difficulty is very limited.

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