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There are games that mark a before and after in the history of the industry. Titles that from their launching change the state of the market at that time. They modify the demands of the players and set the course for what will come from their release onwards. In 2009 Mojang published one of the most important products in the history of video games. We refer to the surprising and almost immortal Minecraft. More than 10 years have passed since it came into our lives and even today it is still one of the most played titles on consoles, computers and mobiles.
Shortly after its release, the game came to mobile phones through Minecraft Pocket Edition. The edition was a special program developed exclusively for this type of terminal. In fact, it was probably this free app that catapulted the Swedish studios' bet to fame and the massive character that the title achieved.

Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition meant for a whole generation of young people the discovery of a type of games that seemed forgotten. Why? Because during those years only deliveries with elaborate, complex and powerful graphics were successful. It was the rise of Sony and Microsoft consoles, we mean the PlayStation 3 and Xbox devices that were just hitting the market.
The alternative of having Minecraft Pocket Edition for free opened up a world of possibilities. Mojang's product came to bring just that. An open, wide and interactive universe in which users had the possibility to do whatever they wanted. The interaction with the environment is total and leaves aside that the graphic section does not stand out. As we well know, Minecraft handles a rather old visual aspect (almost with a tinge of nostalgia) with 2D and pixelated finishes. But the chances that open up when starting a game in Minecraft are so many that the graphics are not the point to evaluate. All you will have is fun and the challenge to survive.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition you will have the possibility to choose between the traditional options of the game. You can choose the Creative Mode in which you will find all the materials and resources available to build whatever you want; You can choose the Survival Mode in which you must avoid being killed by dangerous creatures or you have the alternative of leaning towards a multiplayer mode.
One of the advantages of Minecraft Pocket Edition is that, today, the multiplayer option supports cross-platform play. This is very useful and a great benefit so that you can share with all your friends, no matter what device they use or where they are. In addition, the current version that you will find if you are looking to play Minecraft on Android or iOS offers the Realms service. This option hosts a private server so that you and 10 other friends can have their own private game.

As new versions arrived for Minecraft Pocket Edition more and better features were added. For example, if you buy the game today that has a value of € 6.99, you can access a large number of accessories to give your experience all your personal touch. This is possible thanks to the possibility of modifying the code within the title. If you have those capabilities, no problem. Another option to have more and better content in Minecraft is to get hold of the community's creations.
The Mojang delivery community is one of the largest and most creative in the gaming world. Many people find themselves creating new maps, skins, and texture packs so that no game is the same as the other.

Minecraft Pocket Edition allows you to play one of the most important titles of recent times wherever you want. The controls adapt very well to touch screens and you will have no problem enjoying the experience in the way that you like best. The variety of options to choose what type of game you are looking for also opens up a range of possibilities for you to decide what to choose depending on the time of day you are.
The important thing here is that you can play Minecraft at any time and anywhere from the comfort of your mobile.

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Minecraft: Pocket edition

Get last review 05.10.2022
- A game that is already a classic

- Various game modes

- Multiplayer option available

- Supports cross-platform play
- For some the graphics can be very simple

- There is no clear objective

- Problems logging in

- Connection problems on the servers

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