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For all lovers of the most famous block game in the world, this title arrives in which we will find an episodic adventure in which you will have to help its protagonists to solve the different mysteries that happen around the world of Minecraft, we are talking about the game Minecraft : Story Mode.

Telltale Games got down to work to achieve an adventure whose main objective is the coexistence of the open world created by Mojang with a story that you will have to follow to advance through this title. Released in 2015, this game is available for various platforms, such as PlayStation or Xbox One, as well as computers and mobile devices. Download Minecraft: Story Mode, you find it available for Android and iOS.

In this adventure you will accompany its protagonist, Jesse, through this fantasy world while you will have to solve puzzles, collect items that can help you or interact with the rest of the characters that will appear to you. In this way you will learn about the history and you can decide what to do next with the options that they propose. Each decision you make will determine the future of your adventure, no answer is wrong, you will only take different paths that lead to different episodes. One of the advantages of Minecraft: Story Mode is that these options you choose are based on emotions, not objective actions, which is why they become fundamental in the development of your own story in this Minecraft universe. With some of these moral decisions that we make we can change the course of the story, such as making your friends turn against you or vice versa, making the game respond and change to move forward.

With 8 chapters available, from the first you see this Telltale touch, in the introductory you will have to make an important decision, you will have to choose to save a traveling companion, to the detriment of another and thus begin to draw the path until you reach the end. This is why it can be said that there is no specific story in Minecraft: Story Mode because the game is constantly changing, adapting to the options you choose on your way, but if you will have a main objective, destroy The Wither Storm, the great villain who has come to destroy this blocky world.

The first thing you will have to do when playing Minecraft: Story Mode is to define the appearance of your protagonist. Although they are all named the same, the appearance and traits of each one is customizable. You can choose the gender you want her to have, choosing between male or female, the tone of her skin and, of course, the clothes and accessories that you want her to wear. All this respecting the graphic style of stacked cubes that characterizes this title so much.

One of the novelties of Minecraft: Story Mode that we find as soon as we start playing is that it includes a game mechanic that we had not seen in this saga until now, the animated sequences that will tell you the story of Jesse. This begins by explaining that he has been chosen to fight against the beings that have invaded the planet during a convention. In the first scene we will have to flee from a monster and all you will have to do is guide the character and avoid all the obstacles that are presented to us, jumping or avoiding colliding with them, by pressing sequences of buttons in order.

One of its novelties is that you can also enjoy this interactive story from the Netflix platform, where you can find all its episodes divided into two seasons, the first includes the first 5 and the second the remaining three until reaching the 8 that has Minecraft: Story Mode, and in which you will use the television remote control, or directly on the screen if you use it on your mobile phone, to choose the options that are presented to you. In this way you interact with your device.

The main difference that you will find with this game mode is that it has reduced the number of interactions to two, unlike in the rest of the platforms, which are four, which makes it a much faster and more dynamic game but that makes the changes that occur in history affect in a more staggered way.

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Minecraft: Story Mode

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Every game is different.

- The game is constantly changing to adapt to your decisions.

- You can play from different platforms.

- Great variety of enemies.
- Sometimes it can be repetitive.

- The challenges are very easy to overcome.

- Few chapters.

- Little interaction.

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