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Technology brought with it many opportunities. Game and app development has brought fans the funniest and most unexpected installments, titles, and products. Nowadays, you can not only enjoy video games on computers and consoles but there is also an excellent range of mobile games. From simple and fun titles from independent studies, through proposals from the main studios to games like the one we are going to tell you about here. One of the most fun, original and authentic novelties.

We all know LEGO. The biggest, the smallest, children and adults. There is no person who has never played with one of these cute toys and characters in their life. The firm was born in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen. It has always maintained the tradition of the family firm, until today. Their continuous headquarters located in Denmark, have a workforce of almost 8000 employees and are present in more than 130 countries.
The brand managed to become a cultural icon and not only its production focused on the realization of toys but it also reached other markets such as clothing, movies, series, cartoons and LEGO games.

Today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about one of the most outstanding, important and, above all, fun LEGO apps. A delivery that you can find in the virtual stores of Android and iOS. The developers have created for us a combination that will be a guaranteed success, a LEGO game and Jurassic World.
Remember that Jurassic World belongs to the Jurassic Park saga. It is a series of very famous films based on the novel by Michael Crichton. The first installment was released in 1993 and was directed by Steven Spielberg. The renowned director was also in charge of The Lost World of 1997 and in the production of the following installments: Jurassic Park III of 2001, Jurassic World 2015 and Jurassic World II 2018.

Now you can play with the LEGO app in the wonderful world of these extraordinary creatures. You will immerse yourself in an adventure that has all the graphics, aesthetics and effects of the renowned Danish company. He also has all the humor that characterizes his productions.
If you install LEGO Jurassic World you will have all the epic, adventure and mystery of the great Spielberg saga on your mobile. The 4 films are summarized and are part of the events of this installment. You have recreations of the scenes and sequences. You will participate in the events and at the same time you have open world mechanics available in which to explore the island.
As expected, and clearly cannot be missed, you will have at your disposal a wide variety of fabulous dinosaurs and extraordinary creatures to discover, tame and interact with. There are more than 16 options among which we can find the Triceratop, the Raptor, the Compy and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. In addition to looking for them to make your collection bigger and more complex, you will be able to experiment, unleash your imagination and form the animals that you like the most. Experiment in the laboratory and create your dinosaurs with LEGO.
You will have several game modes available. You can explore the different maps of “Isla Nublar” and “Isla Sorna”, take care of your animals, look for new ones, complete missions or simply enjoy free mode.

The video game industry surprises us again with a wonderful combination. The possibility of playing LEGO on mobile phones or tablets with this beautiful game.
Keeping the flame of a saga like Jurassic World alive is one of the best picks the field of culture can receive. It is a story of adventure, entertainment, adrenaline and much more. It has a message of friendship and awareness about the future.
Enjoy the LEGO Jurassic World app and discover a quality game that will offer you an original adventure. Relive the saga of these mysterious and dangerous parks. If you are a fan of cinema and video games, you cannot miss this installment. Explore the island, create your dinosaurs, tame mythical creatures and complete missions that will take you to relive moments of this important saga.

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Get last review 05.10.2022
- Good story

- Recreate scenes from the movies

- Funny moments

- Variety of dinosaurs
- It is paid

- The controls could be better

- It requires a powerful mobile

- It may have FPS drops

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