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Keeping your house in order has never been so much fun. Discover one of the most fun, authentic and original installments of the free mobile games catalog. We are going to tell you everything you need to know about one of the most downloaded free apps from the Android and iOS virtual stores.

Playrix studios are a firm that was born in 2004 as a small studio and today it has become a seal of quality when it comes to free productions for mobile phones and tablets. Since 2011 they have projects that are among the fifty that generated the most money in the Google Play Store, the virtual store for Android operating systems. They have 2500 workers throughout the world and among their successes we can find: Township, Fishdom, Gardenscapes, Manor Matters, Wildscapes and Homescapes.

Playing Homescapes is one of the best options for those users who enjoy installments that are varied, fun and with many game alternatives. The objective will be to help the friendly butler Austin to fix the house that he has under his care and make it impeccable again, well decorated and seamless.
To achieve the objective of the delivery of Playrix you will go through all kinds of levels with different levels of difficulty and challenges. As you complete them, you will have new chapters in the history of the family that owns the house.

Not only will you have to complete missions and test your skills as a player, but you will also encounter challenges in which you will have to decorate the site in the best way. Bring out your creative and decorating qualities.
By downloading Homescapes for free you will meet a series of incredible characters with the best stories to tell. You will be able to interact with each of them. You will also have an endearing pet that will keep you company and help you solve the different levels.
If you don't want to play alone, and you want to invite all your friends, you can. The app enables you to invite all your Facebook friends to share the experience of saving the mansion with you.

The opportunity to create the house of your dreams comes with the delivery of Playrix. You will have the chance to decorate, modify and decorate the kitchen, garage, greenhouse and all areas of the mansion as many times as you want and you deem necessary.
Among the different types of game that you can find within Homescapes is a proposal for solving puzzles in which, depending on what object you move and how you do it, you can solve the fault or not; On the other hand, you can enjoy a Candy Crush-style minigame in which you have to perform and search for combinations of elements to score more points. As you gain access to new levels you will be making remodeling and applying new designs to the different rooms of the house.
The graphic section of the game is another of its highlights. All designs are very colorful with friendly and colorful finishes. There is a wide variety of elements, furniture, objects and interior designs in general that will give you many hours of fun as you discover them one by one. The game's proposal is not complex and wins with its simplicity and warm atmosphere.

Among the tips that we can give you when you start playing Homescapes, we recommend that you go slowly in the things you are doing in the game. Do not solve all the events at the same time and keep well the coins and credits that are of value. Although it is a free download app, it offers integrated purchases and there will be times when if you are looking to move forward you will need time or money. So be cautious.
Playrix succeeds again with a simple proposal. Extremely developed or very powerful products are not always needed to reach the top of the rankings. Homescapes shows that many times users prefer a colorful, simple and fun delivery to pass the time. With a nice character and a funny story, meet one of the most popular installments for mobile phones. Have fun, design and build the house of your dreams together with Austin.

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Get last review 05.10.2022
- Can be downloaded for free

- Good graphics

- Simple game

- Different game modes
- Contains ads

- As you progress some levels are very complex

- Getting some items is expensive

- Balance problems in the levels

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