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Discovering fantastic worlds is one of the favorite tasks of many of the users of the video games. One of the most popular genres in the industry is RPG or Role Play Gaming. In this type of proposal you find yourself in open worlds where you can discover, explore and learn about all kinds of elements as well as develop and improve your characters.

In 2020, the miHoYo video game developer studios launched one of the great phenomena of the year. We refer to Genshin Impact and today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about one of the best free games for consoles, computers and mobiles. The RPG proposal is available on Android and iOS.

By playing Genshin Impact you will discover the story of two brothers who meet in the wonderful lands of Teyvat. There they will have to answer the questions of the seven gods and reveal powerful mysteries.
The title map of miHoYo is very vast. You will have the opportunity to interact with rivers, mountains, meadows, gardens, caves and a wide repertoire of landscapes that will leave you amazed with their beauty.

The content of the game is original and within it you must discover the elements to master each of them. The elements are: Anemo, Electro, Hydro, Pyro, Cryo, Dendro and Geo. Once you know them you will have to combine them to design attacks and defeat your dangerous enemies.
Among other advantages of Genshin Impact is the fabulous character design, animations and interaction that you will have with the environment. Around you you will appreciate changes in weather, light and lighting in real time.
The soundtrack of the miHoYo product is another revelation of the delivery. You will enjoy one of the most beautiful collections of songs and themes in a video game. The pieces are effectively and correctly adjusted to each situation in which you find yourself and is performed by the renowned London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra.
As is often the case, experiences with a team and with friends are better. You can play Genshin Impact multiplayer and thus enhance the experience of the title. Not only that, but the game supports the cross-platform experience. So there will be no problem finding your friends whether they enjoy the product on computers, consoles or mobiles.
Regarding the available languages ​​of Genshin Impact you can find the voices of the characters in Japanese, Chinese, Korean or English. While Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German or French subtitles can be added.
You can play Genshin Impact for free and really enjoy the game for a long time without having to pay. In addition to having a good and interesting story, you will be able to interact with an environment that will put all kinds of challenges ahead of you and will lead you to have to adapt to the conditions of what is happening on the map. You can get items to advance in the game by completing daily and weekly challenges. And while this can be a bit tedious, it is not impossible. As you progress, and if the game is to your liking, you will probably have to make a micro-payment to improve the experience.
The controls of the title are also correctly elaborated and you will have no problem managing the characters either in combat or in moments of exploration. The proposal is reliably adapted to both mobile phones and consoles.

Genshin Impact about one of the great novelties of the year. Not only because its visual section and soundtrack are of quality, but because it is a first-class product and without any type of charge. You can enjoy this beautiful map for hours and hours without having to make a payment. If as you play you discover that you want to advance and have more powerful characters, you can decide to make a transaction.
The delivery of miHoYo will bring you a complete proposal. Both at the story level, as well as graphics, sound, game mechanics and character development. You will be able to spend a lot of hours completing missions or enjoying the scenery. Upgrade your characters, discover primary and secondary missions and get lost in this unique and fantastic world.

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Genshin Impact

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Excellent graphic design

- Quality soundtrack

- Can be downloaded for free

- Multiplatform game
- To advance requires payments

- Requires a very powerful mobile

- Connection issues

- Some errors in the graphics

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