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Sports management is one of the challenges that attracts the most users in the world of games and applications. Especially for fans of soccer, the most popular sport on the planet. The possibility of building, managing and leading our own club and team to success is one of the proposals that many players usually choose. Among the variety of titles that allow you to become a successful manager is the renowned Dream League Soccer.
Dream League Soccer is a game that can be downloaded for free on mobile phones with Android and iOS operating systems. The company that developed it is First Touch Games. The firm registers other successes in the virtual stores of Google and Apple such as 8 Ball Hero, Score! Match Soccer and Score! Hero. All of them, very well-made products recognized by both specialized critics and fans of sports deliveries.

Dream League Soccer can be installed for free and, in turn, the app offers integrated purchases that will allow you to get improvements for all aspects of managing your club. The main objective of the game is to lead your team to glory. To achieve success you will have to hire star players, train them, improve their skills and have a good stadium to celebrate the matches of your squad.
Playing Dream League Soccer is a great alternative for all those fans of the most important players in the world such as Luis Suárez or Gareth Bale, whom we can see on the cover of the latest edition of the First Touch Games installment. The title is officially licensed by the International Federation of Professional Footballers, therefore you can sign famous and recognized athletes.
For the most competitive, the game has among its options the Dream League Online in which you will compete against users from all over the world. In addition, your results are also measured on Google Play. If you have more than one Google device, no problem. All the progress and progress that you have in your club remains in Google Play Cloud so that you can open your account anywhere without losing what you have achieved so far.

One of the advantages of Dream League Soccer is that you will never run out of challenges to meet. On the one hand you have 6 divisions available in which to advance, and on the other you have 7 demanding cup competitions. But also the application launches daily and weekly events constantly, as well as live events. Attending this type of competition will give you significant rewards. Each season your objectives are renewed which means that you always have different missions to complete.
Progress and consistency are very important elements for you to achieve glory in your team. You must have a good club image so that your search engines get relevant stars who want to play with you. To achieve this you not only need good results but you also have to improve the stadium facilities. Training will also be very important since there you must improve the skills and conditions of each of your players.

The graphics and sounds section is very remarkable too. The First Touch Games company has us used to good finishes in their designs and Dream League Soccer is no exception. The stadiums, playing field, players and teams are very well designed. It even has an option for you to import your badges and kits if you wish. On the other hand, the music is also a highlight since it has original pieces by Only The Poets, Vistas, Jack Wins, Sunset Sons and The Luka State.

Dream League Soccer is a great option for soccer lovers. But not only for them, but for all those who enjoy the deliveries of strategy, management and administration. The interface is very friendly and easy to use. The different leagues, cups and daily challenges that are proposed mean that there are always goals to meet which gives us reasons to return and want to play more and more.
First Touch Games has established itself as one of the leading studios in the production of mobile games with original, simple and highly entertaining proposals.

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Dream League Soccer

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Good graphics

- Lots of challenges and goals to meet

- Original soundtrack

- Possibility to see better plays
- You have to spend a lot of money to get good players

- Players do not have many moves

- Not all licenses

- Some problems with artificial intelligence during matches

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