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Games are part of our life. Many generations have grown up enjoying all kinds of video games. Whether on consoles or computers, no matter what brand, franchise or saga we are fans of, we have all had deliveries that marked our lives. Titles that accompanied us for hours, day and night. With the advancement of mobile technology and the development of games and applications, that entertainment, which used to be possible only within homes, has become capable of being taken anywhere. Now we can play on the bus, in a waiting room or on the beach. We can enjoy fun deliveries anywhere.

With regard to mobile launches we can find complex, sophisticated and highly developed games, or simple, authentic, original deliveries that seem simple but bring their complexity. There are very popular titles that are reminiscent of the old challenges that the industry presented. And today we will see a proposal from one of the studies most valued by users thanks to its free, addictive and entertaining games.

We mean Cube Surfer! from the Voodoo firm. Voodoo is one of the most important video game development studios in the industry. It has in its catalog a large number of games that have obtained thousands and thousands of downloads. They are generally projects with simple, free, colorful and very fun game mechanics. In general, they have more than 100 games released, they have almost 4 billion downloads and the number of active people who enjoy their deliveries is 300 million.
Among the recognized launches that the company has, we find Helix Jump, Fire Balls 3D, Roller Splat, Ball Blast, Crowd City, Balls vs Blocks and the saga of 1 and 2. They are not only dedicated to presenting and developing own projects but also advise other users who have new ideas on the market. They are a young, dynamic and innovative company.

You can download Cube Surfer! free in the digital stores of mobile phones or tablets that use Android and iOS operating systems. Being a free product, it contains built-in advertisements that can be removed if the paid version is purchased within the game.
By playing Cube Surfer! we will find a traditional platform delivery. This type of proposal was one of the first that was born in the industry and consists of passing levels avoiding obstacles in different ways. It can be jumping, running, walking, on an animal or, as in the case of the Voodoo game, on cubes. Our protagonist will slide on the platforms on cubes. The objective is not to fall, not to trip over anything and not to run out of the cubes on which we are standing.

As we advance in each level we will collect cubes that will be essential so that we do not lose our lives. We will have to dose them with the mission that we always have even one so as not to touch the ground and enough quantity with which to avoid the objects that will get in our way. There are 9 different types of cubes that we can collect. Each one takes various forms that can be animal motifs or fruits such as pigs or watermelons.

Another of the highlights of the app is its music and graphics. Although both elements are simple and do not present a complex development, they are entertaining and manage to generate a favorable climate for you to spend hours and hours enjoying the delivery. Unlike many other games, Cube Surfer! it is handled in the range of pastels and does not have very saturated effects on the finishes of its colors.
Voodoo does it again with a title that will have you hours and hours trying to beat your marks, scores and records. Try not to waste your cubes and be strategic as you progress through each level. You have to be very careful and watch carefully what are the obstacles that lie ahead. Each of them consumes more or less cubes according to their difficulty.
Download Cube Surfer! and meet one of the funniest installments of the moment. Taking back the old essence of platform games, Voodoo will catch you for hours once again.

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Cube Surfer!

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Free download

- Nice graphics, music and atmosphere

- Cubes to collect

- Simple and fun
- Too many advertisements in the free version

- It can get very complex

- Somewhat repetitive

- It has no history

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