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A new edition of one of the most original, fun and authentic sagas of mobile games has arrived. A delivery that will offer you hours and hours of fun. A game that has more than 6 official editions, an expansion and a few more titles around its characters. Today we are going to tell you why you have to download Bloons TD 6 and enjoy an unpublished launch of the saga born in 2007.

The Bloons TD titles were developed by the New Zealand studios of Ninja Kiwi. The firm has more than 60 releases for different media such as Android, iOS, Nintendo DS and PlayStation. In the virtual mobile stores they have in their catalog very popular games such as: Bloons TD Battles, Bloons Adventure Times TD, SAS Zombie Assault, Bloons Supermonkey 2 and Countersnipe.

But undoubtedly the most important and recognized productions of Ninja Kiwi are those made around the Bloons franchise. Brand that has already reached its sixth installment. Playing Bloons TD 6 will allow you to discover a proposal for what is known as tower defense. This type of game consists of having to defend a specific area of ​​the map using different objects, armies and strategies. Depending on the characteristics of the attackers and the troops that we deploy for defense, we must employ one strategy or another. The battle being fought in the Ninja Kiwi app is between monkeys that protect their city and the balloons that want to destroy it.

You can download Bloons TD 6 on mobile phones or computers. The new proposal brings a completely improved graphic section in three-dimensional quality. All the characters were improved in their aspects and finishes as well as the effects that happen during the magnificent wars. You will have 49 new scenarios to discover, including some with 3D elements within them.
It is always good to discover new troops with powerful abilities, in this edition the druid and the alchemist are added as novelties. In turn, each character has 5 upgrades in 3 different branches for you to discover. As you advance in level your army will become more and more powerful. All characters have a maximum level ability when you reach the full development of the unit.

In addition, with the new Bloons TD 6 you will have the chance to deploy heroes on the battlefield. These are very powerful unique soldiers with more available upgrades than common troops. They have up to 20 abilities to discover and you can use two per match. You will have to pay close attention and design a tactic based on who attacks you and which heroes you have deployed on the map.
One of the keys in this type of delivery is that you keep the improvements, abilities and characteristics of your troops and fortifications updated. The stronger they are, the more difficult it will be for enemies to break down your city. In Bloons TD 6 you have more than 100 upgrades available for your towers. This shows the large amount of content that the app developed by Ninja Kiwi has and the many variants to combine defense strategies that you will have at your disposal.

While you can enjoy the title with other users online, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the game offline. The individual mode can be experienced without a data plan or without access to a WIFI network. This is one of the great advantages of Bloons TD 6 since you can practice and improve your troops at any time no matter where you are.
Discover and download Bloons TD 6 on Android or iOS. You can also enjoy the game on computers. You will become an entertainment that will give you many hours of fun, strategy and tactics. As you progress, each level will become more complex and will require you to know your troops well so that you are not defeated. The best advice for these proposals is that you try, test and test. The more troops and fortifications you combine, you will learn which one is better and more useful in each situation.
Find out why the Ninja Kiwi saga is one of the most popular of its kind and help the cute monkeys defend their territory.

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Bloons TD 6

Get last review 05.10.2022
- Nice graphics

- One of the best of its kind

- Variety of troops and fortifications

- Offline function
- Some levels can be very difficult

- Requires a powerful mobile

- Multiplayer can present problems

- In addition to being paid, it presents items to buy within the game

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