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VLC the best video player.

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular and popular media players in the world. Versatile cross-platform tools. It has a number of features you can expect from this type of application, with support for foreground audio and video files and much more.

The options offered by the VLC application:

- Smartphone as a remote control.

The VLC player can be controlled with a mobile device, smartphone, and tablet. This is useful, for example, when you watch a movie from a connected computer on your TV or make a presentation.

- Improved video quality.

In full-screen mode, the low resolution videos displayed will not look good. Therefore, the filters integrated in the VLC application in such situations can be useful. Use the shortcut [Ctrl E] to open the Personalization and Effects window. The Video Effects tab offers options to sharpen and soften the image, as well as to improve contrast and colors. Accurate material navigation It is not easy to take a screenshot at a certain point in the film. Finally, several dozen images of the image are reproduced in one second.

VLC has a special function for this. Stop playing the video at the desired time. If you use the function of capturing and storing video frames in the form of a graphics file, the navigation mechanism to a specific frame of material is very useful. Skipping to a specific place in the movie is an option that is especially useful if you are playing long footage that you have interrupted for some reason. Allows you to resume playback from the point where you last stopped.

- Video recording

With VLC you can record the transmission through the webcam. Thanks to this function, it is possible to save a conversation file, for example. For example, through Skype.

- Audio features

With VLC, you can also listen to your favorite shows on Internet radio by simply pressing the appropriate shortcuts.


Downloading VLC is extremely good not only because it allows us to play those file formats that other players don't play, but also because it has some options that some of us don't even have an idea about.

With this fabulous tool you can record your computer desktop, you must go to media and directly to the open capture device section; In this section, you will select desktop, on this side you will accommodate the frames per second that you want and in the bottom you will select to convert, in that section I recommend that you select the mp4 format and with respect to the video codec select the option of h264. You can put the name you want on this profile and then you create it.

Finally, it will ask you to save the file, put a name on it, and save it. Then everything would be ready to start recording the desktop of our computer by simply clicking on start, from that moment you could already start recording everything that happened on the desktop of your computer. To be able to stop the playback you will click on the stop button inside the VLC player and finally, the location where you decided to save the file you will find the video already recorded.


With the VLC program, you can convert videos, change them to a different format. How many times have we seen the need to do this process and there are many programs out there that really help us a lot. The VLC media player allows this functionality in the Media menu, there you can select the option to convert, you must add the file you want to convert and then you must click to convert, then you must choose the format you want for the file and a location to save it on your computer, mobile or tablet.

Important to know is that with the VLC application you can download videos from youtube. It is true that there are other programs with which it is easier to do it, this program gives you the functionality although we have to carry out different steps. You must go to Media and select open network location, the option to enter a URL will appear where you must enter the address of the video in which you are interested and then click on play; when it starts to play we give it pause, and in the tools section we select codec information, we copy a text where it says place; and then we open our favorite browser, paste the URL that we copied from the codec information, our youtube video will open and if we right-click on it, it gives us the option to save it on your computer.

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Get last review 18.09.2021
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- Open software and completely free software.

- It supports almost every audio and video format you can think of without a codec package installed.

- Compatible with various Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS and Android operating systems.

- No spyware, no ads and no user tracking.

- Highly configurable: deinterlacing; clipping, solid support for subtitles, video rotation / rotation, track synchronization, incomplete, incomplete, damaged movie playback or unknown raw format.
- You cannot download music from movies.

- When 4K is played back on VLC, it often has unstable playback and malfunctions, which are largely the result of difficulties with decoding software and lack of hardware support.

- It is not compatible with some Linux distributions.

- It is not compatible with the real format.

Latest NEWS

VLC with new design and new features

VLC with new design and new features


The popular open source media player will completely modify its interface for Android. VLC will adopt what is known as material design. The alternative is available in Beta phase. In addition, the company reported on the changes brought by version 3.0.10. General bugs fixed and performance improved on Mac systems during upgrade

The tricks you have to know to master VLC

The tricks you have to know to master VLC


If you use VLC you may already know all those tricks, or maybe there is one that escapes you. It may even be that those you already know want to get more out of it. For experts and novices, we show you some functionalities of this player that you can use and they will make your experience easier. Converter. In addition to playing any file format, you have the option to transform the video settings to a totally different one. Take a screenshot. It is a very useful way to get a snapshot of what you are working on, choose the frames per second. Make infinite movies. Get them to play over and over again endlessly and make it look like a very long video. Without unzipping. You have the option of directly opening ZIP files from your computer. Use of commands. So you can work faster without having to be looking for what you need from the menu

A Critical VLC Failure Endangers Windows

A Critical VLC Failure Endangers Windows


The player developed by VideoLAN is the most widely used in the world. Among the reasons is that it is capable of reading all kinds of video formats, in addition to being a totally free and open source program. But all this popularity can be detrimental in certain aspects, one of them is that they cannot guarantee the safety of their users and that they are unprotected against computer hackers. One month ago, one of these vulnerabilities occurred. The managers of the brand published that the versions prior to were not safe. The failure produces a software error in the operating system. If any user tries to open it, the player crashes and at the same time lets any attacker in who could execute a command remotely. Those responsible warn that they have not seen public exploits that indicate that this weakness has been exploited

Increase VLC buffer and watch movies without cuts

Increase VLC buffer and watch movies without cuts


Sometimes the user has little bandwidth, this causes that when playing files in high definition cuts occur. VLC uses the well-known buffer, a temporary cache that processes videos before displaying them to avoid these problems. By default, its size is very small and it is easy to solve. It is only necessary to increase its size from configuration

This is the new design of VLC for Android

This is the new design of VLC for Android


Although the update was made at the end of 2019, there were still some fringes in terms of interface level. This has just changed due to the change in the app. Although it has arrived in a beta version, it shows a more modern and easy to install design, inspired by the one used by the Google brand

How can you see DTT online from VLC

How can you see DTT online from VLC


VLC is a multimedia player with infinite possibilities. It can be used on a computer and on mobile devices, and even gives the possibility of being used as a decoder to watch DTT online. This is achieved by configuring an IPTV list, in this way it will be possible to see the Spanish television channels that have their signal online through the Internet

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