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All football fans know that it is very important to be informed of the matches, schedules, teams and all the data of their favorite sport. Before it was more complicated to be documenting in real time all the data updates that occurred, they were reported through newspapers or the media and provided that the events had already occurred. This for all those people who follow this sport and are spread all over the world could be very annoying, but with the technological advance and the arrival of games and mobile apps all this has changed. Just by installing the NFL Network application on your phone, you can be up to the minute everything that happens.

This free app collects data from one of the most followed competitions on the planet, the National Football League, the largest professional league in the United States. Currently formed by 32 franchises distributed throughout the country, divided into two conferences, the National and the American, which at the same time are separated into four divisions each. In addition, it must be added that only their calendar is divided into seventeen weeks of six games between each of the teams. With all this amount of information, it is very difficult to follow all the games and keep up to date with the results without losing any data, even for the most fanatical who keep the competition up to date.

That is why it has its own subscription television channel, owned by the league itself, and now they have launched to offer their followers the most complete mobile application. With a very simple interface, you will find everything you need quickly and easily, its main objective is that your followers are always happy. Download NFL Network for free, you find it available for Android and iOS devices.

The official NFL app is the most complete guide you can find in the main virtual stores. All the information you receive is taken from its own database, so you do not need external sources to provide you with reliable references. In it you will find all the schedules divided according to their conference and their division, so that you can quickly find the matches of your favorite team and the coverage of these events is complete, with the entire team working so that you can enjoy the best league in the world .

Create your own lists of teams or divisions, in this way in a single click you can see all the news in the competition without having to see the rest that do not interest you, which also, you can change as many times as you want, personalized without any kind of limit. One of the advantages of the NFL Network is that it keeps its users updated on everything that happens in real time. Configure your notifications so that events that are happening reach you just at the precise moment that they are happening in the field.

With it you can also stay informed of everything that happens during the low season, with all the last minute news, statistics or highlights, always carrying the NFL Network with you, where you will also find all the special programs of this sports channel . Access will depend on the content that you have contracted according to your cable company or if you are already a subscriber to the NFL Game Pass. In both cases, you will have at your disposal all the content of the application, on the contrary, if you have opted for the free version, the visualization will be very limited. In order to enjoy all the advantages it offers and to be able to watch its games live through the NFL Network, you have two payment options. On the one hand, there is the Essential alternative, with an annual price of € 39.99, or the Pro option, which costs € 122.99 per year or € 17.99 weekly.

Check all the schedules, live games and even relive the most spectacular plays with video summaries of the featured games. As the main channel of the National League, its library of multimedia files is huge, so you have the possibility to see videos and historical photos of all the years that the competition has been active.

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NFL Network

Get last review 05.10.2022
- You have historical data.

- It is divided by conferences and divisions.

- You can watch the games from the official channel.

- It is updated in real time.
- Only in English.

- If you are not subscribed you can not see anything.

- In low season it is not updated.

- Live broadcast fails.

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