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For millions and millions of people, sport is one of the central elements of their lives. Many fans live their routines crossed by passion for one discipline or another. There are some more popular than others, with more or less followers. But they are all united by something in common and it is the passion that the fans feel for each of the teams that make up the leagues, the players that are part of the squads and the adrenaline that the matches generate.
Among the most important leagues in the world is the National Football League, more popularly known as the NFL. The tournament is the most prominent and relevant in the world American football scene. American football is one of the oldest sports in the world and is an adaptation of the mythical rugby. In this discipline two teams of 11 players each face each other and it is a game in which tactics and strategy largely predominate.

Basically each team runs in shifts. In each attack, the squad that is in that position will have 4 opportunities to advance in the territory of its opponent. If he does not, he will lose his turn to attack and go to defense. It is played with the hands but the foot can be used on some occasions.
The American football tournament is the most popular and important in the United States, even more so than the NBA or MLS. That is why we are going to tell you everything about one of the most important free apps for all fans of this sport.
The NFL app is available in the virtual stores of the terminals that use Android and iOS. The application will allow you to follow all the information, news, most important events, news, matches and much more of the contest.

By downloading the NFL app for free, you will have access to videos with the most important plays, game summaries and much more quality content about this tournament. You even have matches to watch live if you wish. You can also configure the program to send you notifications from your favorite teams. Do not stay out of any of the last minute information of your favorite squad. Find out about injuries, formations for the next games, casualties, transfers and everything that is remarkable in the day-to-day life of your team. You can also activate the notification system to automatically play videos of your team's best plays.
The NFL app can be seen on all types of devices and terminals. You have the chance to see it on your mobile, tablet or smart TV. The content you will have access to will depend on whether or not you have an NFL Game Pass.

There are three types of subscriptions and accesses to the paid NFL Game Pass service. Free entry, PRO and Essential. If you choose the PRO version it has a value of € 17.99 per month while the Essential costs € 39.99. In both cases, you can be inclined to carry out the annual transaction and thus obtain a discount. Among the advantages and benefits that the different paid services bring, it is possible to watch original content programs, find content to download, summaries of the matches of different duration (40 minutes or 5 minutes), repetitions of the matches and live events.
Watching the NFL is one of the best sports events you can find. For something, their final meeting, the famous Superbowl, is one of the most important television events of the year and the one that raises the most money in advertising. Its halts are known since the largest companies in the world spend millions and millions of dollars in ads to appear there.

Enjoy a complete, easy-to-use and interactive application that will provide you with everything you need to know about this outstanding league. An exciting event, with competitive teams and highly skilled players. Take advantage of the benefits that a subscription to the NFL Game Pass can give you and live the full experience of this tournament. Do not miss the opportunity to be up to date with all the news and updates of your favorite team to live the experience to the fullest.

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- May have connection problems

- Too much information

- Paid services are somewhat expensive

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