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We live in community. Since ancient times, our civilizations have developed thanks to the collaboration, union and exchange of goods between people who share the same geographic location. It is very important that the coexistence is good. This helps make everyday life easier, safe, productive, and more enjoyable. Having a good relationship with your neighbors is really something valuable.
How to connect with people close to you is one of the challenges that usually arises, both when you first arrive in a neighborhood and if, as time passes, you do not get to know everyone around you. The advancement of social networks and free applications to make new friends can help, and a lot, to take advantage of your neighborhood and make new friends.

We are going to tell you why downloading Nextdoor is one of the best options you have available in your mobile virtual store to meet and help your neighbors. It is a free app that you can install if you have an Android or iOS operating system, it also has an official site that you can access from your computer.
By installing Nextdoor you will enter a new social network. But the platform developed in San Francisco, United States, has a peculiarity. It connects you with your neighbors and your neighborhood. You will be able to establish relationships with people, neighborhood businesses, local markets, NGOs, public services and everything that is important and happens close to your home.
There are many benefits of using Nextdoor. Among them you can find the possibility of connecting with your neighborhood and receiving the best recommendations of everything that happens around. The best shops, services, articles to buy or share reading groups, music, debate or the hobby that you like the most. Even if you want to sell something that you no longer use or does not serve you, you can also do it with this platform in an easy, simple and safe way. Nobody is more trustworthy than one of your neighbors since they all seek to live better in the same place.

Nextdoor also has an alerts and notifications system that keeps you up to date with news, events and the arrival of new neighbors in the neighborhood. Take the opportunity to give them a warm welcome and add them to the circle of trust to have a good coexistence.
Among the possible service options that you can find with Nextdoor is, for example, a babysitter or private teacher. Many times it happens that you don't know who to leave your child with and what better way than someone you can trust to do it. The same can happen if you have a pet or need someone to keep an eye on your plants while you go out for a few days.
If it comes to trading, the social network can also help you. You can sign up for nearby markets that are organized or exchange objects with other people who live near you.
Nextdoor security is one of the highest points that this social tool has. In order to register, people must verify their address and use a real name. This prevents fake accounts from being created that want to take advantage of the benefits of the partner network. Therefore, all accounts are certified.
The success of the app is a fact. It is present in more than 11 countries among which are: Germany, Italy, Spain, France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Sweden and Canada, among others. People are registered in more than 265,000 neighborhoods in various regions and more than 50 million local businesses.

Nextdoor is one of the experiences that we can recommend the most for these times. Meeting people can sometimes be complex and even dangerous. All that is reduced thanks to this social network. The possibility of interacting with your neighbors will make your day to day easier. The same happens thanks to the alert system that will keep you up to date with everything you need to know about what is happening around your neighborhood. You will no longer be left with worries when you leave your home. Your neighbor or neighbor friend will help you stay calm when you go on vacation.
Know everything about your neighborhood with this safe and reliable social network.

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Get last review 05.10.2022
- Safe environment

- Good community

- Free download

- Original proposal
- Not available in all regions

- Some problems with registration

- Interface could be better

- Many use it only for trading

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