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Video applications are in fashion, every day new proposals appear that try to find their own niche in the competitive market and every so often a new social phenomenon appears that changes and revolutionizes the landscape of social networks. If at first it was Snapchat that became the queen of short video publications, little by little it has been losing its hegemony and others have been occupying its throne.

Now it is the Marco Polo application that is trying to unseat the others and get its own place. Although it has been available for some time in the main online stores, such as Google Play Store and App Store, it is now when the media have echoed its existence, assessing that it is presented as a walkie talkie of videos, pulling the nostalgia of the users.

With more than 84 million downloads, it has managed to sneak into the top ten free social networks of the moment. Download Marco Polo for free, it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is true that opinions are divided, there are people who prefer the original and other users who are delighted with it, the truth is that it has come to stay and that every day more have decided to give it a try.

Voice notes are one of the resources that people use the most, especially teenagers, since it allows you to send messages without using the keyboard. Social applications have been innovating their systems to improve this functionality and today we have the example of WhatsApp, which in addition to being able to send your own voice, you can also dictate and let the app write it.

Marco Polo has taken this trend and has added videos and effects to achieve a very visual and fun result in just a few seconds. This is what the two applications resemble, but its main difference, and what makes it much better, is that it saves all the videos, both those you send and those you receive. In this way you will not lose the content that you like so much and it will also help you to have a conversation without having missed anything.

Their chat has also improved, not only can we talk to specific people, but we also have the opportunity to create groups of people with whom we can exchange messages and videos. This makes your video conferences more dynamic and interactive.

To start using it you have to know how it works, and although at first it may seem difficult, once you manage to find the trick, it is the easiest. Although it is an application for exclusive use on mobile phones, it is true that it can also be used on the computer.

Install the app on your phone, the first thing it will ask you is to register your number, don't worry, Marco Polo is very safe, to check it he will send you an SMS with a password. It will select a series of contacts for you to invite them to use it too, you can send it to whoever you want, even to none.

You already have your own profile ready and all you have to do is start using it. On its main screen you will find the publications of your friends who already have it installed and are using it, to be able to talk to any of them you just have to click on its icon and your conversation will open with all the history you have.

This screen is divided into two, the main and largest part, the upper part where you can see what the camera captures, and the lower part with the feed of all the messages that you have exchanged. To record one and add it to the conversation, you can change filters by sliding horizontally across the screen, even while recording, and press Start. The video is sent automatically once you stop recording, so it is important that you write or select the filter you want before you start, or you will lose it.

On the left side of the screen you have three buttons with which you can edit the video, one is the wand, with which you can add voice filters, the text one helps you add a written message with the keyboard and the pencil one you can hand draw whatever you want. Download Marco Polo and start using this original tool.

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Marco Polo

Get last review 05.10.2022
- It is very easy to use.

- It has many filters available.

- Save all previous messages.

- Good image and sound quality.
- You can lose messages if you don't add them before recording.

- The web version does not work well.

- Sometimes you can record horizontally.

- Invitations to friends can be very annoying.

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