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Amazon enters the world of video game streaming, we are still in the realm where new game streaming services are interesting. One of the reasons this is happening is because they are showing different models on how that service can be delivered. Again, in the world of streaming cinema, series and movies if you look at the big players like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, who fundamentally do video distribution, they run it differently, although they are doing video streaming, the business model they are doing is not the same.

So you head to Netflix to come across an absolutely massive catalog of movies and TV shows, they're currently creating a lot of their own content, so that's one of the big pushes it's had in the past year. Basically Netflix at the moment is the platform with a huge catalog of material to watch. On the other hand, if you choose Hulu it is because you are actually more focused on current television shows, so if you want to see, for example, Grays Anatomys that site would be ideal. On the other hand, the interesting thing if you browse Amazon Prime is that you can buy add-ons and if you want specialized channels in addition to the regular service, you can pay a little more and watch them.

It seems that Amazon has intentions to enter the dispute over the competition of streaming games, so now, in the fall of 2020, many of us will have to be attentive to how this will work before the arrival of the new consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5. The competition to provide the possibility of accessing online games exists, in it are Google, Xbox and Microsoft each with their service. And now it is Amazon who joins as a new contender to consider.

Each site has its characteristics. In Google Stadia you have the possibility to buy games. For Xbox you pay a fee and you get what they have in their entire catalog or library. One of the things that Amazon wants to raise is that you buy your initial subscription that will give you access to many games but then you can also get specific channels to come out as with Ubisoft. In this way, if you are a fan of a particular studio, you can get exclusive of their releases. You only pay for the catalog that interests you. It is a more specific offer. In the case of French studies, you can subscribe to the application on Luna.

From a technical standpoint, what I think is very interesting is that Amazon could be one of the big changes in the industry. It seems that they are actually building their infrastructure based on web technology so that they can bypass all the problems that come with app stores thus far.
To cite an example, Microsoft has had problems with the iOS Play Store, basically Apple said that the Xbox Game Pass application can be in the store but the apple firm has to approve the presence of each of the products. One by one.

If Amazon has a web application-based version of their game streaming service, it means that you can play these games on Mac. Can you imagine playing 4k at 60 frames per second on a Mac? Using Luna creates an interesting new technological paradigm that could really boost video game streaming in the future.
On the main page of the Luna application website we find the option to simply obtain a code to test the operation, you can also see some of the different titles that the platform has and below we find the promotional price of $ 5.99 per month for those who They want to buy it right now and be the first to download the Luna application that until now is not available to download in the Play Store or iOS Store.

Something interesting is that it can be played in pairs, from the PC, Mac, Fire TV and Web applications for iphone and ipad. It is an end to license requests, something that we will stop dealing with since we can directly play online without further downloads.

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Get last review 05.10.2022
- Important catalog

- Can be used on multiple devices

- Good resolution

- Supports 2 players at the same time
- Not available in all regions

- Connection failures

- Interface could be improved

- Some connection problems

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