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In case you still don't know him, there is a new social network with which you can show all your talent. Accompanied by a friendly dinosaur comes BIGO LIVE, a place where you will find millions of people with the same interests as you and where you can make new friends.

It is based on the live transmission of moments of its users. This type of content has been gaining strength in recent times, being widely used in other social networks and attracting the attention of creators who see it as a way to publicize their talents or products. Due to all this interest, a platform that will focus only on this type of publication was necessary and that is why the BIGO LIVE application has come to stay, offering an answer to this need to see live and direct what our friends do. .

Their community has grown rapidly, with more than 500 million users around the world, they are a large, very active community in which they share their moments of happiness, creativity and enthusiasm with all their followers on a daily basis, making them part of all these moments. Download BIGO LIVE for free, you find it available for Android and iOS devices.

Although the vast majority of publications you will find will be about video games, one of the great advantages of BIGO LIVE, and that differentiates it from other platforms of the style, is the separation of content by category. This way you will not have to get lost in their millions of daily publications on topics that do not interest you, with the categorization by topic it is much easier to find the class you are looking to see.

You can also make group video calls in which to keep in touch with your friends, family or even with a follower. This way you will meet other people and even introduce them to the rest of your group of followers. It is a very useful tool when organizing events, focusing all the messages in a single conversation and doing it face to face, even through video. Making a public video call will help you get closer to those who follow you, connecting with them, making them know more about you, and creating spaces for debate where everyone can express their own point of view on a specific topic.

Your talent can also be rewarded in this social network, whenever you see something that you like and want to support that person to continue with their work, you can send them donations that are known as Seeds. These are exchanged for money, helping many artists who are on this social network to dedicate themselves to creating content exclusively.

With a very clean and minimalist interface, mastering BIGO LIVE is very easy. You just have to install it on your mobile device and create a personal account. Once you have completed these two steps, you already have at your disposal all the advantages and benefits that this platform offers you.

In each of the contents you can interact with all the people who are watching or participating, the interaction is in real time, so you will have to be very attentive to keep the conversation going. BIGO LIVE is a totally safe application, it has a series of prohibitions that allow you to browse without fear. Among them is the one that does not allow violent or vulgar content, minors cannot use it if they are not authorized or the transmission of pirated movies. Something that shows the level of commitment of the company to make it a meeting place to talk and share is that without the consent of BIGO LIVE you will not be able to promote other brands or products. If someone does not comply with the rules, the user can be blocked or directly removed.

Whenever you enter this free application, on its main screen you will find the live publications that are being produced and the recent publications that have already ended but that you can still see so as not to miss anything. Create your own show and share your talent on your creative video blog where all the people who like you can follow you and see your latest creations.

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Get last review 05.10.2022
- You can get money with your videos.

- The rules make it very safe.

- It is very easy to use.

- Verify identity to avoid theft.
- There is inappropriate content.

- They block accounts without checking the complaints.

- Seeds are lost for no reason.

- Live recordings may fail.

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